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MyCrypto allows you to import and manage all of the Ethereum accounts that you have control of.

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One combined view for all of the transaction histories across all of your accounts.

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Check your transaction recipient against 50M+ labeled Ethereum accounts to be sure you're sending to the right place.

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A fan favorite since 2018, the MyCrypto Desktop App continues to provide an additional layer of security for your Ethereum assets. Want more info?

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With Banks

They control your account
They own your info
They add fees
They tell you what you can do

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MyCrypto puts your safety & security first.
Get your information out of other people's hands and back into yours.
Protect yourself from phishing attacks and malicious extensions.
Open-source and fully verifiable.
MyCrypto is the definition of a successful grass-roots movement for the community, by the community.
MyCrypto provides some of the best and most carefully thought-through tools available in the Ethereum community.
Nick Johnson
MyCrypto has consistently released the perfect balance between personal security, user experience, and new features.
Raymond Durk

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